We are so happy you're here.

We are the DiGiovanni's. Chances are if you landed here, you have something you want to capture, something you want to be able to live again. A moment in time that you want to freeze. We can't wait to capture those sweet, intimate, special moments for you. We want to give you something that you can look back on in ten years and feel like you are right back there in that moment. Whether it be your wedding day, the moments leading up to it, or your first photo session together as a family, we are here to capture it all.

Our favorite part of the "job" is making friends with our clients and being there for all of your special moments, while also making you feel like we aren't there at all. We are ready to make you comfortable, and make the experience of getting photos done, stress-free. We know how difficult it can be on that side of the camera. If you think we are the right pick for you, head over to our contact page and we will get back to you ASAP.

- Holly & Greg

How did we meet?

Bumble. That's right, that stupid little app where you scroll left and right. Every love story has to start somewhere. Ours just so happened to take off when I was driving down 95 South near Richmond, Virginia heading to North Carolina for photoshoots. I saw some super cute boy, and swiped. The rest is history...

We had our first date and the next week, said "super cute boy" showed up in Cape May, NJ. We spent the weekend together, fell in love, and a week later we found ourselves on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico soaking up the sun. A day after arriving, that super crazy disease that made the world stop, shut down the island and we had to quarantine in my tiny studio apartment. This time together really helped us get to know each other. Here we are, months later, with two dogs, a house, and a wedding to plan.

Lets bring it full circle.

For our one year anniversary, we headed back to Puerto Rico, where our love story blossomed and stayed at the most luxurious air bnb tucked away from civilization. We went on a beautiful hike, ate lots of empanadas, spent many hours by the pool, and then my best friend asked me to marry him. At the top of a mountain, at sunset, at my favorite spot on Earth. Yes, that type of love is real...just wait on it.