you deserve to be able to live the most beautiful day of your life over and over and over again.

We vow to make that experience unforgettable from start to finish!

When planning a wedding, nowadays there is so many different routes you can take. For some the idea of a perfect day is a small backyard wedding. For some it is going to the nearest court house and going out to your favorite place to eat. For some, it is the more extravagant, the better. We have something for everyone. Read "our process" below for a better understanding of how to go about booking the right fit for you.

step 1

The initial meeting. This varies. For some, meeting at the best local coffee shop sounds ideal. And for others who are just way too busy to take time out of their regular schedule, a zoom call after dinner would work better. In the first meeting, we will get to know each other and see if we fit in each other's journeys. What is it exactly that you are looking for? How many hours do you want us to capture on this big day? This initial meeting is complimentary. We love getting to know our potential clients {new friends}.

step 2

So you finally decided. We are your people. Yay! We will then send you a contract. It is quick and easy, I promise. At this point, it is time to send the first deposit. Typically this is 50% down. Once we have you in our system, get ready to be treated like the King & Queen that you are. Now onto planning your engagement session [see step 3].

step 3

It's time for your engagement photos. If I'm being honest, these are my favorite photos to take. Like ever. Chances are if you are getting engagement photos, they could be your first ever "professional" photos together. How can we make this fun? What's your favorite song? What would get you guys slow dancing in the kitchen as the pasta water starts to boil? Where did you guys meet? Want to take a trip down memory lane and take the photos at the spot of your very first date? We can get creative. We are going to have waaaaaay too much fun.

the last and final step (well, until you have babies of course)

Your wedding day is finally here. In our initial meeting, we will have discussed the timeline of this day. Maybe you want us there while you get "glammed" up. Maybe you don't want any photos until you are walking down the aisle. You make the calls. After all, this is YOUR day and we are going to make it everything you have ever dreamed of, and more. Embrace every moment. Take it all in. It is finally here, the day you've been dreaming about your whole entire life. I promise things are going to go just fine.

Pricing & Packages

mini wedding


our "mini" wedding package includes up to 2.5 hours of shooting and is geared towards elopements and small intimate weddings. this includes photographs of the ceremony, followed by photos with guests, and then one hour of portraits for the bride and groom

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Need help deciding what package is best for you?

Refer to "the process". Our first step of the process is our initial meeting. This will give us a better idea of exactly what it is that you are looking for. We will not steer you in the wrong direction. We promise!

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