What should we wear to our family beach portraits?

No matter who the subject is, wearing white is always a good choice. Pair this with neutrals for a softening yet effective look that goes with any backdrop. Whether you have a cloudy day or sunlight, wearing white will highlight the blue of the ocean. It looks great with all skin tones and hair colors. However, if you do want a pop of color, I would stick with shades of blues as they stand out with the neutral backdrop of the sand. 

Wardrobe DOs & Don'ts Quick List


  •    Choose a complimentary color palette to style each family member.
  •   Wear clothing you feel comfortable in and that fits you.
  •    Choose select pieces of jewelry to wear especially if they have meaning.
  •    Bring comfortable footwear or prepare to be shoeless (especially on the beach)



  •     Choose the same outfit for each family member.
  •      Wear clothing with heavy patterns, visible logos or distracting colors.
  •      Wear baggy or loose clothing.
  •      Wear distracting jewelry or giant watches.

"Photography is like poetry only visual. There are so many stories and meanings one picture can portray."

says - Jane doe